You might enjoy Molokai Reef if... follow Carl Hiaasen, Dave Barry, Janet Evanovich, Tim Dorsey, etc.  No, I'm not claiming to write as well as they do but I enjoy their books and incorporate wacky characters (think Barry's "Governor", Dorsey's "Serge", or Evanovich's "Grandma Mazur") into Molokai Reef.

Molokai Reef - #3 on Smashwords bestseller list

Today, Molokai Reef climbed to number seven in Smashwords any category bestsellers.  The list is constantly updated so today's news may be tomorrow's bit-bucket liner.

Still better, Molokai Reef is the number three mystery bestseller at Smashwords.

E-book price slashed for winter solstice

Wikipedia winter solsticeMolokai Reef e-book price slashed to $3.95 in celebration of the winter solstice (arrives 0545 UTC, Dec. 21).  Download/purchase a copy at Smashwords and start reading in five minutes on your Sony Digital Reader, Amazon Kindle , B&N Nook, smartphone, computer, or airline seatback.

Happy holidays (all of 'em) to readers everywhere.

Expanded distribution

Createspace, publisher of Molokai Reef announced Expanded Distribution Channel today.

Operation eBook Drop success

Two days after signing on to Operation eBook Drop, four service members have downloaded free e-book editions of Molokai Reef.

ISAF logoReceived a direct request from an Air National Guard serviceman stationed at Bagram Air Field, Afghanistan this morning.  The special instructions for dowloading Molokai Reef from Smashwords are in my reply to him.

Operation eBook Drop

I am proud to offer Molokai Reef under the Operation eBook Drop program, free to deployed service members.

Why the ads?

In case you are wondering why I added the Amazon Mystery bestsellers over yonder on the left, it's because as an Amazon affiliate I earn a wee commission on one of the books if you click on the ad.

While purchasing the book, should you decide to buy a new snow blower or TV set at the same time, then my earnings might soar into three digits, two of which are the pennies.

Barnes & Noble offers Molokai Reef e-book edition

Nook e-book readerThanks to Smashwords and their relationship with Barnes and Noble, Molokai Reef is available as an e-book from the B&N store.  Download instantly to iPhone, Blackberry, Palm, PC, Mac and of course, the soon to be shipped B&N Nook e-book reader.

Signed copy of Molokai Reef

Signed copies of Molokai Reef available for direct purchase.  Usually ships within two days via Priority Mail.

Molokai Reef climbs to number 5 in Kindle Store

Molokai Reef #5 in Kindle Store

Yes, I know that the rankings change hourly, but it is still encouraging.